About Us

We are a dedicated gluten free bakery offering wholesale and retail baked goods to customers, cafes and restaurants.

The bakery came about after a struggle with finding high quality gluten free baked goods.. We saw an opportunity to provide delicious options to others. When dining out, we would rarely look at the cake or dessert options due to the generic flavours that were available. We also felt it important to offer gluten free products that were made in a dedicated gluten free kitchen to reduce any risk of cross contamination.

 Whilst we are a dedicated gluten free bakery, we are also highly experienced in meeting other dietary requirements. We are able to offer high quality, delicious options that are dairy free, vegan, paleo, raw, keto. or low FODMAP. We are also interested in developing a more extensive range and we welcome all enquiries.  

Our aim is for everyone to enjoy what their heart desires despite any dietary limitations they may have!


Baking Ingredients